Spicer: Oversight Committee's request for Flynn info 'pretty outlandish'

White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Tuesday said the House Oversight Committee’s request for documents on former national security adviser Michael Flynn is “pretty outlandish,” defending the White House’s denial of the request.

“They listed for every call and contact that he made, which is an extraordinary number,” Spicer said at Tuesday’s briefing. “That’s a very unwieldy request.”

“To say we want the national security adviser, whose job it is to talk with foreign counterparts on a daily basis, to document every call he may or may not have made is not exactly a request that’s able to be filled.”


The Trump administration earlier Tuesday denied the committee’s request for more information on payments that Flynn received from foreign governments. Legislative affairs director Marc Short said the White House doesn’t possess the requested documents since they were from before Trump took office on Jan. 20.

At Tuesday’s briefing, Spicer echoed that comment, saying it’s “ridiculous” for the White House to produce documents before Trump entered the White House.

“Everything that’s being questioned occurred prior to Jan. 20,” Spicer said. “Right now, to ask the White House to produce documents that were not in the possession of the White House is ridiculous." 

The Oversight Committee last month sent a letter to the White House, the Department of Defense and other administration officials for documents related to any Flynn payments.

After reviewing documents from the Pentagon, the committee’s chairman and ranking member suggested Flynn might have broken the law by not disclosing payments from Russia and Turkey.

Asked if Flynn broke any laws, Spicer punted on the question and referred the reporter to Flynn himself and law enforcement.

“That would be a question for him and a law enforcement agency,” Spicer said. “I don’t know what he filled out or what he did and did not do, he filled that form out prior to coming here.”