RNC chair on border wall: 'Our base is going to walk away' without it

RNC chair on border wall: 'Our base is going to walk away' without it
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The chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) on Wednesday warned that GOP voters will refuse to show up at polling stations if President Trump's proposed border wall and other campaign promises are not fulfilled.

During an interview Wednesday with conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, Ronna Romney McDaniel was asked about how the wall was going to get funded when some lawmakers are "laughing about the idea of a wall getting built" behind closed doors.

"They're gonna lose the trust of our base if we don't keep our promises. Our base is going to walk away," McDaniel said, CNN reported.

"They're going to feel like, 'Hey, you said one thing on the campaign trail to get elected and then you didn't act on it.' "
The RNC chair said right now, the base is "very happy" with the job the president is doing.
"He's taking decisive action on trade. ... You've seen jobs coming back. You've seen our national security standing rise in this country," she said.
"Action after action that the president talked about on the campaign trail, he has enacted in just 100 days. But certainly this was front and center in his campaign, and our voters are going to expect us to act on it."
McDaniel said part of the RNC's role in pushing the Trump agenda to Congress is "communicating to our lawmakers what we're seeing on the ground."

"I know that our voters are going to hold us accountable in 2018 if we do not keep the campaign promises that were made," she said.

"And so when you get to Washington, sometimes you forget what was said outside, and it's important that we bring that back to Washington and let them hear what the voters expect of this government and of the president."