Trump: I won't touch 'concept of Medicare'

Trump: I won't touch 'concept of Medicare'
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President Trump during an interview that aired Sunday said he will not touch the "concept of Medicare."

"I'm not going to touch it, because I said it," the president said during an interview on CBS's "Face The Nation." 

"Now, waste, fraud and abuse, I'm going to touch. If there's something in Medicare that's been abused, I will touch that."
Trump said there are certain things "that have been absolutely abused."
"There are certain provisions in Medicare that are horrible and abusive and there's been terrible things happening," he said.
"So that kind of stuff, I will absolutely touch ... But the concept of Medicare, I'm not touching."
Host John Dickerson further pressed Trump, saying, "Other than that, it's tightened up."
"That's right," Trump said. "That's what it is."