Gorka: Reports about leaving White House 'very fake news'

Gorka: Reports about leaving White House 'very fake news'

President Trump's deputy assistant, Sebastian GorkaSebastian Lukacs GorkaCruz: 'Mistake' to call Jan. 6 a 'terrorist attack' MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell sues Jan. 6 panel over subpoena for phone records Gorka sues Jan. 6 committee over phone records subpoena MORE, went after "very fake news" on Thursday in pushing back on reports suggesting he will be leaving the White House.

“I will be in the White House as long as the president wants me there, and if he needs me to do something somewhere else, I will do whatever he needs me to do," Gorka said on Fox News Radio's "Kilmeade and Friends."

"But remember that we are now living — I know this now that I’m inside the White House — this isn’t just an age of fake news, Brian, we are living in an age of very fake news," Trump's national security aide continued.


"I tell people you know outside of Fox and some other places, almost 80, 90 percent of what you read about what goes on in the White House is absolutely bogus," he said.

"Be very, very weary, be very, very cautious when you read about reports such as that one."

A senior White House official told The Hill on Sunday that Gorka will leave the White House as soon as "this summer," adding Gorka was brought into the White House to initially provide broad counterterrorism expertise.

"To defeat extreme Islamic terrorism, you can't kill your way out of the problem. A plan is needed to defeat the ideology the same way Nazism was defeated," said the the official, who asked not to be named.

A senior administration official also told the Washington Examiner on Sunday that Gorka will accept an outside position that tackles the "war of ideas" in respect to radical Islamic extremism.

A source told the newspaper that Gorka's role was always intended to be temporary, while suggesting that the administration created another terrorism-related position for Trump's deputy assistant.