Trump aide accidentally revealed Mattis phone number in photo

Trump aide accidentally revealed Mattis phone number in photo
© Keren Carrion

President Trump aide and longtime bodyguard Keith Schiller accidentally revealed the cellphone number of Defense Secretary James Mattis in a photo sent to the press.

The Washington Post published the photo to accompany a Thursday article about Schiller's role in delivering the termination letter to then-FBI Director James Comey.

The photo showed Schiller walking with the president around the White House grounds while carrying a stack of papers. On the stack of papers, a yellow sticky note reportedly listed Mattis’s name and personal phone number. 

A reader, who noticed the inadvertently leaked number, called the Post to notify them. 


Post reporter Rachel Manteuffel then blew up the photo, called the number and said she reached his voicemail.

“I called. I got the voice mail. It was him,” she wrote.

The Post said it has replaced the article's photo with another image.

Schiller, who reportedly has the president’s trust, made his way into the public spotlight when he punched a protestor outside of Trump Tower.

The story comes the same day the Post reported that Trump revealed highly classified information to top Russian diplomats last week.