Trump touts 'billions of dollars and millions of jobs' from trip

Trump touts 'billions of dollars and millions of jobs' from trip

President Trump on Friday morning said his first foreign trip has “made and saved” the U.S. “billions of dollars and millions of jobs” as he arrived at his final stop before returning home. 

Trump landed in Sicily, Italy, for a Group of Seven summit after earlier visits to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Rome and Brussels.

It wasn’t immediately clear to what the president was referring — no major financial agreements were announced out of a NATO summit the day before, where he chastised treaty partners over their defense spending levels. But Trump did strike a multibillion-dollar arms deal with the Saudis last week.


The 43rd meeting of the G-7 on Friday, which is the first G-7 conference for Trump as well as the leaders of Great Britain, France and host nation Italy, is being held in the small tourist town of Taormina. 

The heads of state are expected to agree easily on a measure endorsing further efforts to fight terrorism, but could struggle to find consensus on climate change or trade.

Late Thursday evening, Trump tweeted footage of his arrival in Taormina with first lady Melania Trump: