Conway: 'My gender has helped me with the president'

Conway: 'My gender has helped me with the president'
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White House counselor and former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said she believes being a woman has helped her work with President Trump.

"I could tell you a great way that my gender has helped me with the president," Conway told Business Insider in a piece on women working in the Trump administration published Sunday.


"I think there's a femininity that is attached to the way one carries herself or the way one executes on her duties," the former Republican pollster said.

Conway, who describes herself in the piece as a “post-feminist, anti-feminist — non-feminist," went on to say she is not on a first name basis with the president because she does not consider him to be her peer.

"I don't consider him my peer, he is my boss and he is my elder ... so I don't address him by his first name," Conway said. "That has actually allowed me, in my view, to respectfully but forcefully express my opinion on certain matters,” she said.