Republicans worry working for Trump damages reputation: report

Republicans worry working for Trump damages reputation: report

At least 27 Republicans have sought professional advice over concerns that working for President Trump's administration could damage their reputation, according to The Washington Post.

Republicans told the Post they have turned down White House job offers and sought out head-hunters due to their worries.

The report comes as the Trump administration grapples with the ongoing investigation into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russian election meddling, which has reportedly caused potential employees to think twice about any opportunities available in the administration.


The anxiety Republicans feel about working for the administration has apparently complicated the process of filling administration posts. The Trump administration has moved slowly on hires since the president took office in January.

The White House disputes these claims, saying people are clamoring to work for Trump.

“I have people knocking down my door to talk to the presidential personnel office,” White House press secretary Sean Spicer told the Post. “There is a huge demand to join this administration."