Trump administration narrows focus of counter-extremism program

Trump administration narrows focus of counter-extremism program
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The Department of Homeland Security plans to narrow the focus of a government program around efforts aimed at tackling Islamist extremism.

The department announced changes to the $10 million government grant program on Friday that will take money away from groups that work to combat U.S.-based extremism, Reuters reports.

The news outlet reported in February that the Trump administration was planning to reshape the “Countering Extremism Program,” which was dedicated to combatting all types of extremist ideologies.


As part of the changes, the administration slashed $400,000 in federal funding for one Chicago-based group that combats white extremism with programs to help people leaving including neo-Nazi organizations and the Ku Klux Klan.

President Trump campaigned heavily on combatting Islamist extremism. News of the changing program comes after a slew of terror attacks have rocked western Europe and the United Kingdom over the past few months.