Trump warns he'll allow ObamaCare to 'crash & burn'

Trump warns he'll allow ObamaCare to 'crash & burn'
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President Trump on Monday raised the specter of letting ObamaCare “crash & burn” if the Republican overhaul of the law fails in Congress. 

Trump’s warning comes as Republicans are struggling to save the Senate’s healthcare plan, which has run into a wall of opposition in the upper chamber. 

The president and GOP leaders are putting heavy pressure on holdout conservative and moderate senators to get behind the plan, which they want to bring to a vote this week. 


Trump and his allies have repeatedly claimed the Affordable Care Act is failing already, pointing to a spike in premiums and insurers leaving the individual market in some states. 

The president didn’t say how he would allow the law to “crash & burn.” In the past, the White House has threatened to withhold cost-sharing subsidies to insurers.

If the administration doesn’t make the payments, which subsidize lower deductibles and co-pays for low-income individuals, it could cause chaos on the insurance markets. The administration decided last month to continue the payments, though it has not said for how long.

Critics say uncertainty over the cost-sharing reductions is helping to drive premiums up.