Trump touts social media use with Indian prime minister

President Trump declared that he and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi are both “world leaders in social media.”
“We’re believers,” the president quipped during a joint statement in the Rose Garden with the Indian leader.
Trump said their use of social media platforms gives “the citizens of our countries the opportunity to hear directly from their elected officials and for us to hear directly from them.”
“I guess it’s worked very well in both cases,” Trump said. 
With 32.8 million Twitter followers, the U.S. president slightly outpaces his Indian counterpart, who has 31 million followers. 
Trump’s blunt, unfiltered talk on Twitter helped his presidential bid take off in 2016. 
But in the White House, he’s been urged by aides and allies to limit his use of the social media platform, especially to comment on the special counsel probe into Russia. 
Modi on Monday was making his first visit to the White House since Trump's inauguration in January.