Trump promotes Fox News host’s book on Twitter

Trump promotes Fox News host’s book on Twitter
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President Trump on Tuesday promoted Fox News host Eric Bolling's new book, "The Swamp," by retweeting Bolling's tweet that says Trump has a copy.

"Good morning friends! 'The Swamp' out today. President Trump has a copy... get yours here," Bolling's tweet said.

In a Fox News post Thursday titled "Bolling: Why Trump must dare to drain the swamp (and four ways he can do it)," Bolling lays out four steps Trump should follow in order to "return America to being what it long has been: the place where the rest of the world looks to for freedom, opportunity, and investment." 


He first urges Trump to follow his "business instincts, and treat the Oval Office as if it were a boardroom." 

Bolling then recommends the president scales back federally imposed business regulations, arguing that few government regulations "are necessary."

He also advocates that Trump should "reduce foreign aid commitments and focus on two crucial investments in America: our infrastructure and paying down our national debt."

And finally, the Fox News host says Trump should "throw all the scoundrels out of Washington and bring in business-oriented individuals to run our government."

Trump has shown favor to the conservative news network, which largely praises the president's initiatives and decisions. 

Bolling's title, "The Swamp," plays on a saying that advocates who favored tougher laws on lobbying and political regulation used for years and that Trump later adopted during his presidential campaign.

Trump repeatedly promised to "drain the swamp" by reforming ethics laws in Washington.