Trump plots trade wars against Cabinet's advice: report

Trump plots trade wars against Cabinet's advice: report

President Trump is set on imposing high tariffs on steel and other imports, despite pushback from the majority of his Cabinet, according to Axios.

The Friday report said Trump and a few of his advisers are committed to putting tariffs on steel, and potentially other imports such as aluminum, paper, semiconductors and appliances.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has reportedly pushed the plan, which is being supported by chief White House strategist Stephen Bannon, trade policy director Peter Navarro and senior adviser Stephen Miller.


Axios reported that, while the majority of Trump’s Cabinet spoke out against the proposal, the president appeared to support additional tariffs.

The tariffs would affect big exporters of steel, such as China, which is already on thin ice with the president due to the country’s support for North Korea.

Trump also frequently lambasted China’s trade policies during the presidential campaign.

Axios’s report comes after Reuters reported on Wednesday the president was considering trade action against China.

Trade action against China would be seen as a victory among Trump’s base of supporters, who view free-trade deals with distrust.