White House says Spanish-version website still coming

White House says Spanish-version website still coming

The White House says that the Trump administration still has plans to launch a Spanish-language version of the White House website later this year, after months of not having one.

White House director of media affairs Helen Aguirre Ferré told The Associated Press for a story published Saturday that “the priority remains to improve the English language website.”

Ferré said she expects a Spanish-language site to launch later this year, according to the AP. She also said that the Obama administration took 9 months to launch their version of the website.

In January, the Trump administration removed all Spanish-language content from the site, prompting reporters to question whether the content would return.


“Trust me, it’s going to take a little bit more time, but we’re working piece by piece to get that done,” White House press secretary Sean Spicer said at the time.

Six months later, the content has not returned to the White House's web page.

Other agencies have already rolled out new Spanish-language content in this time period, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which launched the Twitter handle @ICEespanol earlier this year.

The AP noted that the Trump administration's Spanish-language Twitter account, @LaCasaBlanca, is riddled with typos and incorrect translations.


The move to delete the Spanish-language White House site in January prompted backlash from those who worried that Spanish-speakers were in for a rough future in a Trump presidency.

“The removal of Spanish says something about English monolingualism, but it also says something about the speakers of Spanish,” a Florida International University linguistics professor told McClatchy at the time. “Are you in or are you out? Suddenly they’re out.”