Iranians mock Trump with 'Trumpism' cartoon contest

Iranians mock Trump with 'Trumpism' cartoon contest
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Iranians are reportedly holding a weeklong “Trumpism” cartoon contest and exhibit to mock the U.S. president.

The first-prize winner, who received a $1,500 award, depicted President Trump drooling on books while sporting a jacket made of dollar bills, The Associated Press reported Monday. Hadi Asad said he wanted his cartoon to point out the “money-mindedness and war monger nature” of the president. 

“I wanted to show Trump while trampling symbols of culture,” Asadi told the AP.


Masuod Shojai Tabatabaei, who helped organize the contest, said the purpose of the contest is to use satirical cartoons to highlight behaviors Trump has exhibited, including themes focused on his comments about women, the media and Russia, as well as his key campaign promise of building a southern border wall and images that tie Trump to fascism and the "alt-right." 

“The ism in Trumpism is a reference to racism and Nazism,” Tabatabaei said. “Many believe his remarks are similar to Hitler. He has had a bad attitude toward media, refugees.”

Individuals from 74 countries participated in the exhibit that opened Monday, including 1,614 Iranian cartoons and four American works, the AP reported.

Two American cartoonists, Robert Jones Clayton and Ed Wexler, were reportedly awarded citations for their works.

The organizers of the event also hosted a Holocaust cartoon contest last year intended to mock the Western world's hypocritical standards of free speech.