Travel ban architect writing Trump Poland speech: report

Travel ban architect writing Trump Poland speech: report
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President Trump’s senior policy adviser Stephen Miller is drafting the president’s public speech to the Polish people that will be delivered in Warsaw’s Krasinski Square on Thursday, according to The Weekly Standard.

The publication reported the speech, which is also being drafted by two additional writers on Miller’s team, will be “uplifting” and hone in on Poland’s history and national identity.


Miller, who played a central role in constructing Trump’s travel ban, has written international speeches for the president before, including his speech to NATO member nations, in which the president criticized members for not paying their fair share in the alliance.

Trump is breaking with tradition set by former presidents and visiting Poland before he visits any major European powers ahead of the G-20 summit.

Poland’s ruling right-wing Law and Justice Party has embraced the U.S. leader.

Trump will meet with Polish President Andrzej Duda and discuss economic cooperation, security and energy, according to the Associated Press.