Conservative activist: Ivanka Trump attacked by ‘feminists in name only’

Conservative activist: Ivanka Trump attacked by ‘feminists in name only’
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Ivanka Trump gets attacked by "feminists in name only," David Bossie said Sunday.

During an interview on Fox News, the conservative Citizens United chairman and president was asked how feminists could attack the president's elder daughter.


"These feminists are only feminists in name only," Bossie, President Trump's former deputy campaign manager, said during the interview.

"They're only feminists when it affects their checkbook. They don't fight for women across the board. They never have."

Bossie said this is "commonplace in America."

"If you agree with them, they are on your side and they will fight for you," he said.

"If you are not on their side, they will demean you in the most ugly terms."

Bossie also defended Ivanka Trump after she sparked controversy by briefly taking her father's seat during a G-20 session focused women's entrepreneurship. 

"The left calling these derogatory terms — describing her in these derogatory terms is so demeaning," Bossie said.

"It's unbelievable that the left would allow this to happen and not just condemn these remarks ... It is absolutely wrong for the left to be attacking Ivanka on these issues."

Cabinet officials typically replace the president at high-level sessions when a stand-in is needed. Ivanka Trump serves as an unpaid adviser in the White House.