Poll: 70 percent say Trump’s actions unpresidential

Seventy percent of Americans in a new poll said they think President Trump's actions since the inauguration have not been presidential. 

The ABC News/Washington Post poll also found that 68 percent don’t view Trump as a positive role model and 57 percent said that the more they learn about the president, the less they like him. Fifty-six percent said they believed Trump’s behavior is “damaging to the presidency.”

Trump’s tweets are also a concern, according to the survey, with 67 percent of Americans saying they disapprove of his use of Twitter. Sixty-eight percent described his tweets as “inappropriate” and 52 percent said they were "dangerous."


When Americans were asked an open-ended question about Trump, those who disapprove of him focused on personal attributes instead of policy issues, with 13 percent saying he acts inappropriately, 12 percent saying he’s ill-informed and another 12 percent saying he makes false statements.

Pollsters surveyed 1,001 Americans by phone from July 10 to 13. Their results have a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.

On Sunday, the same poll showed Trump with a 36 percent approval rating, the lowest for any president at the six-month mark in 70 years.

Trump blasted that low approval number on Twitter, saying on Sunday that the ABC News/Washington Post poll was “just about the most inaccurate poll around election time!”