Former ethics chief to Trump: You're using 'drain the swamp' wrong

Former ethics chief to Trump: You're using 'drain the swamp' wrong

The former leader of the federal government's ethics office on Monday raised questions about whether President Trump knew the meaning of the phrase "drain the swamp."

Trump on Monday suggested that the phrase "drain the swamp" be changed to "drain the sewer."

"Drain the Swamp should be changed to Drain the Sewer — it's actually much worse than anyone ever thought, and it begins with the Fake News!" Trump tweeted Monday morning.


Walter Shaub, who resigned as head of the Office of Government Ethics earlier this month, disagreed with Trump's definition of the phrase.

"Can someone tell POTUS 'drain the swamp' refers to ethics problems not to folks who disagree with him?" he tweeted.

"Not sure he knows he's using it wrong."

Shaub also said in another tweet that it is "much worse now."

"But I can assure you that's not the place where it begins. Tone from the top matters," he tweeted.

Shaub has previously criticized Trump over the president's business interests.

In an interview earlier this month with The New York Times, he warned of the ethics crisis created by Trump, saying he thinks the country is "pretty close to a laughingstock."