Poll: Trump job approval at 35 percent

Just 35 percent of Americans give President Trump a positive score on his job performance, according to a new poll by Marist.

Over half, or 55 percent, disapprove of how Trump is leading the country. This rating marks the highest negative rating the president has received by this polling hub.

Trump’s last Marist rating in June hovered at 37 percent approval and 51 percent disapproval.

The poll notes that while he remains popular with his key base supporters, Americans who identify as strong Republicans have a less positive view of his job performance rating, with 91 percent approving of his performance in June, compared with 79 percent who approved in the new poll.

{mosads}Twice as many Americans say they strongly disapprove of the president’s job performance so far, or 42 percent, to those who strongly approve at 20 percent. 

Former President Obama had much stronger numbers at a similar time in his presidency, with 55 percent approving of his job performance and 35 percent disapproving. 

Trump is at his most unpopular standing since becoming president, according to the poll. More Americans have an unfavorable impression of Trump, at 60 percent, while just 34 percent view him favorably.

Fewer Americans who identify as strong Republicans have a favorable view of the president, down from 94 percent in June to 80 percent in the most recent poll.

Trump’s approval rating also dropped to its lowest level ever in a Gallup tracking poll released Monday, with only 34 percent of adults approving of his performance in that poll and 61 percent of adults disapproving.


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