Poll: Trump's favorability falls in three key Midwest states

Poll: Trump's favorability falls in three key Midwest states
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A new group of polls show President Trump’s favorability rating has fallen below 40 percent in three key states that helped him win the White House in 2016.

The three polls, conducted by NBC News/Marist in the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, show more than half of voters now have an unfavorable view of Trump.

In Michigan, Trump’s favorability rating stands at 36 percent compared to 55 percent unfavorable. Similarly, 35 percent of voters in Pennsylvania have a favorable opinion of Trump compared to 54 percent who have an unfavorable opinion of him.

Trump’s unfavorable rating among voters in Wisconsin stands at 56 percent, the highest of the three states, with just 34 percent of voters holding a favorable opinion of him.

More than 60 percent of voters in all three states say they’ve been embarrassed by Trump’s conduct as president, according to the poll. In both Michigan and Wisconsin, 64 percent of voters surveyed say they’ve been embarrassed by Trump, and 63 percent of voters in Pennsylvania said the same.

Just 25 percent of voters in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin said Trump’s conduct made them feel proud, while 28 percent of voters surveyed in Michigan said they were proud of Trump.

The NBC News/Marist poll also found that in all three states, voters prefer a Democrat-controlled Congress to a Republican-controlled Congress. Voters in Michigan prefer a Democrat-controlled Congress by a margin of 48 to 35, while voters in Wisconsin gave Democrats an 8-point advantage and Pennsylvania voters give them a 10-point advantage.

The polls were conducted from August 13 to 17, after the violence at a white supremacist rally in Virginia and following Trump’s initial response to the violence, in which he didn’t directly call out white supremacists and instead placed the blame on “many sides.” Each poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 points.