Sessions to make DACA announcement Tuesday

Sessions to make DACA announcement Tuesday
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The Justice Department announced the briefing late Monday amid mounting pressure over President Trump's decision on whether to end the Obama-era immigration program.
The department didn't provide any more information about the announcement.
The White House had said that an announcement would be made Tuesday as Trump grappled with whether to scrap the 2012 program, which defers deportation for those brought to the U.S. illegally as children and allows those people to apply for work visas.
Trump's daily schedule released by the White House for Tuesday noted several meetings relating to national security and tax reform but included no mention of a DACA announcement.
Reports emerged Sunday that Trump was eyeing ending the program with a six-month delay to allow Congress an opportunity to pass legislation to protect the hundreds of thousands of immigrants affected by the decision.
The expected move would up the stakes for lawmakers to act, after a series of Republicans critical of the Obama administration program said that Congress should work on the issue.
Texas and a number of states threatened to sue over DACA unless Trump moved to end the program by Tuesday, and Sessions had previously declined to say whether he would mount a defense of the program in court.