WATCH: Dem leaders dare GOP not to vote for Trump deal

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told The Hill on Thursday that she doubts conservatives will follow up on threats to oppose the fiscal deal brokered by President Trump and congressional Democrats, which includes aid to communities hit by Hurricane Harvey. 

“I don't think all the Republicans speaking out are going to vote against it,” the House Democratic leader said in a brief interview with The Hill as she walked through the Capitol with Sen. Charles SchumerChuck SchumerSenate Democrats introduce legislation to probe politicization of pandemic response Schumer interrupted during live briefing by heckler: 'Stop lying to the people' Jacobin editor: Primarying Schumer would force him to fight Trump's SCOTUS nominee MORE (D-N.Y.), her Senate counterpart who helped engineer the deal.

“Some of them are from Texas, some are from Florida and Louisiana, and they are going to vote for Harvey,” she said.


Schumer added that “our votes in the Senate are pretty good.”

The Senate on Thursday approved the package brokered by Trump and Democrats in an 80-17 bill. It would extend the debt limit and fund the government through Dec. 8, and provide $15 billion in disaster aid.

The House will vote later on Thursday.