Ex-ethics chief 'disgusted' by reports of new WH policy on anonymous gifts

The former head of the federal Office of Government Ethicsgovernment tore into an alleged new policy that allows White House employees with legal defense funds to accept anonymous donations.

Walter Shaub, who resigned as head of the Office of Government Ethics in July, said a report on the new policy "disgusts" him.

"I was hoping it was a technical website glitch. But the acting Director doesn't feel you deserve any answer, America," Shaub tweeted. 

Shaub was tweeting out a Politico report about the ethics office reversing a policy that had previously banned federal employees with funds to cover legal fees from receiving anonymous gifts.

The White House has denied Politico's report.

The reversal of the policy could help staffers who are facing mounting legal fees as part of special counsel Robert Mueller's federal probe into Russian election interference but also opens up the door for other ethical issues.

"It's very depressing," Shaub told Politico. "It's unseemly for the ethics office to be doing something sneaky like that."

The policy was reportedly reversed under the acting head of the Office of Government Ethics, David Apol, whom Shaub also targeted in his tweet.