Eric Trump's charity appears to hold secret event at Trump-owned golf club

Eric Trump's charity appears to hold secret event at Trump-owned golf club
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The charity that Eric Trump founded, Curetivity, previously known as the Eric Trump Foundation, reportedly hosted a secret event Monday at Trump National Golf Club in New York despite still being under investigation by the state attorney general's office.

President Trump's son once falsely said that his charity had the plum perk of using his family's assets “100% free of charge,” according to Forbes.

A separate Forbes report debunked this claim in June, spurring the New York investigation.


Curetivity is free to legally raise money throughout the probe, but it is not yet clear who will cover the costs of the event held at the luxury golf getaway.

The event appeared to maintain the tradition of the Eric Trump Foundation by holding its invitational event on the third Monday in September.

Forbes reporter Dan Alexander pointed out many similarities to the event in years past, including signs scattered around the premises that appeared to feature the logos of both Curetivity and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

A source familiar with the charity pushed back at the article on Tuesday, saying Eric Trump no longer has a formal involvement in Curetivity, but continues to support its cause. The source also disputed the article's characterization of "secret events."

ACN, a telecom company with a history of sponsoring the Eric Trump Foundation tournament, displayed a sign with its logo at the event, Alexander reported, which was visible from the outskirts of the property.

“It’s basically that event,” a security guard keeping watch along the golf course perimeter told the news outlet when asked if it was a Curetivity event. “It’s a private thing.”

Details of the event, however, have largely been shrouded in secrecy by both attendees and those manning the premises, according to Forbes.

A different security guard told Alexander he had to leave, denying him access to the club after identifying him from a photo, the report states.

“They said you got to leave,” the security guard said. “They’ll all be looking. You have pictures all over town up here. If you try to like park and go up there, they’ll be tackling you,” he said with a friendly chuckle.

Eric Trump and spokespeople for the Eric Trump Foundation did not respond to the magazine's requests for comment.

Brian Lynch, the general manager of Trump National Golf Club, did not call Forbes back.

In a statement sent to The Hill Tuesday, Eric Trump said, "In the 10 years of operation, the Eric Trump Foundation raiser over $16.3 million for St. Jude and maintained an expense ration of less than 10 percent."



This article was updated at 4:35 pm on Sept. 19.