Trump administration weighing executive order on welfare: report

Trump administration weighing executive order on welfare: report
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President Trump and his team are weighing whether to issue an executive order that would require federal agencies to review welfare programs that assist low-income earners, Politico reported Monday.

The decision is part of a wave of changes the White House is considering making to the nation's welfare system, according to the report.

Two administration officials told the newspaper that the administration sent around a draft of the order last week to agencies seeking comments about the proposed plan.


The draft instructs the federal agencies to look at their current programs and regulations in place and then propose ways to update and reform the welfare system.

Such changes would reportedly aim to implement stricter work requirements in an effort to pressure recipients to rejoin the labor force, slash or streamline repetitive services, and create a metric system to judge a program's performance. 

One official told the news outlet that the order is in a “very preliminary" stage — so early that the future of the order is uncertain. 

Administration officials who support the order want the president to sign it before Thanksgiving, one official told Politico.

“We aren’t going to comment on rumors about future potential Executive Orders,” White House spokeswoman Natalie Strom told the newspaper in an email. “When we have something to release, we’ll let you know.”

The report comes at a time when Trump is pushing to pass his tax-reform plan that has been widely praised by other congressional conservatives.