Jon Stewart tries to be positive on Trump: 'He's not a cannibal'

Jon Stewart in an appearance on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Monday tried to address President Trump's call for late-night hosts to give him "equal time," saying the president is "not a cannibal."

Colbert said on the show that he would do his usual "unfair slamming of the president," and Stewart would provide "the counterweight."

"Be positive," Colbert told Stewart.

"Can I have more time?" Stewart asked in a whisper.

"Donald Trump, he's not a cannibal."

Colbert retorted, saying Trump last week made it easier to "deny women birth control."

"Pretty soon, the only contraceptive women will have is his face," Colbert said.

Stewart responded: "Donald Trump is great to women."

"Great?" Colbert asked.

"Good," Stewart said.

"Good?" Colbert responded.

"Better than Harvey Weinstein," Stewart said.

Stewart eventually broke after Colbert played comments in which Trump said at an event with military leaders that the gathering was the "calm before the storm."

"How is all this not the storm?" Stewart said. "And what kind of a sociopath would use that terminology?"

"I can't do it," Stewart said, referring to his attempts to be positive.

Trump last week took aim at late-night hosts and their material.

"Late Night host are dealing with the Democrats for their very 'unfunny' & repetitive material, always anti-Trump!" Trump tweeted  "Should we get Equal Time?"