Trump blasts New York Times, defends administration's record

Trump blasts New York Times, defends administration's record
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President Trump early Sunday blasted The New York Times over a report his administration has struggled to achieve his goals.

“The Failing @nytimes, in a story by Peter Baker, should have mentioned the rapid terminations by me of TPP & The Paris Accord & the fast approvals of The Keystone XL & Dakota Access pipelines. Also, look at the recent EPA cancelations & our great new Supreme Court Justice!” Trump tweeted.






The Times reported that Trump has focused on repealing former President Obama’s achievements after struggling to reach his own goals, like repealing ObamaCare. It adds that Trump is using executive orders to pressure Congress to follow his agenda.

The newspaper does mention Trump’s approval of the Keystone XL pipeline and his decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement.

Trump ended key ObamaCare payments to insurers last week and also threatened to pull the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal — both landmark achievements for the Obama administration.

Trump has often lashed out at the “failing” Times, describing the newspaper as “fake news.”