Trump repeats false claim US is world's highest taxed country

President Trump on Monday again claimed in a press conference that the United States is the “highest taxed country in the world."

“We don’t have a vote from the Democrats. As an example — massive tax cuts,” Trump said in an impromptu press conference in the White House Rose Garden. “We may not get any Democrat votes. Now, we also may get three or four but we may get no [Democrats] — for massive tax cuts.”


“We’re the highest taxed country in the world, and yet we may get no Democrat support,” Trump continued.

Trump has continually repeated the claim, which has been proven false by several independent analyses.

A 2015 analysis by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development shows the U.S. behind countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany and France in regards to taxes.

Last month, Trump tweeted that the U.S. was the highest-taxed nation in the world, something he said "will change."

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders sought to clarify Trump’s claims last week, saying he was referring to the nation’s corporate tax rate instead of the overall tax rate.

"We are the highest taxed, corporate taxed, in the developed economy. That's a fact," Sanders said during a White House press briefing. 

"That's what he's talking about. We are the highest corporate-taxed country in the developed economies across the globe," she said.