Trump meets with Yellen amid Fed chair search

Trump meets with Yellen amid Fed chair search
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President Trump reportedly met with Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen on Thursday as he mulls keeping her in the position or nominating a new chairperson. 

The meeting comes before Yellen's term is up in February. 

Trump has said in the past that he’s met with at least four candidates about the job. And Reuters reported that Yellen was the fifth person on Trump's shortlist to get a formal meeting with him. 


Chief White House economic adviser Gary Cohn, as well as former Fed Governor Kevin Warsh, Fed Governor Jerome Powell and Stanford University economist John Taylor are also under consideration. 

“I’ll make a decision over the next fairly short period of time,” Trump said on Tuesday, adding that he likes all of the candidates under consideration. 

The president has spoken positively of Yellen since taking office, after insisting during the 2016 campaign that she pinned down interest rates under former President Obama to make the economy appear stronger than it actually was.

Trump is set to make his final decision on Nov. 3.