Trump touts new stock market record

Trump touts new stock market record
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President Trump on Saturday touted stock market prices that have risen under his administration, while slamming the "fake news" media for failing to report on it.

"Stock Market hits another all time high on Friday. 5.3 trillion dollars up since Election. Fake News doesn't spent much time on this!" Trump tweeted. 


U.S. stocks hit record closing highs on Friday, with all three market indexes extending their recent run of records, Reuters reported.

Trump has similarly boasted about economic gains during his term, while also slamming the press for not covering the record jumps, such as in August when the stock market hit an all-time high

"Stock Market could hit all-time high (again) 22,000 today. Was 18,000 only 6 months ago on Election Day. Mainstream media seldom mentions!" Trump tweeted in August.

The president also pointed to the growth in a tweet last month.

"A great deal of good things happening for our country. Jobs and Stock Market at all time highs, and I believe will be getting even better!" Trump said.

He also cheered, however, when certain stock prices plunged after the administration announced earlier this month it would stop paying ObamaCare subsidies to health insurance companies.

The president's Saturday tweet about soaring stock market records comes shortly after a strong October jobs report. This month marked a 44-year low record of Americans filing for unemployment benefits, the Labor Department said last week.

The report was especially rosy as it followed a series of natural disasters that hit the nation's shores, causing job losses in September.