Trump on North Korea: ‘I get it solved’

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President Trump in a new interview called for the United States and its allies to “solve the North Korea problem,” saying “I solve problems.”

In a new interview with Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs that aired Wednesday night, Trump talked about his upcoming trip to China, saying he thinks it will be a “historic and positive” experience. 

“And we have to solve the North Korea problem. It’s a very big problem,” Trump said.

“It should have never been given to me. This should have been solved long before I came to office, when it would have been easier to solve. But it was given to me and I get it solved. I solve problems,” he continued. “I’m very happy with the way the markets are going, I’m very happy with all of the regulation cuts and all of the things we’ve done and that’s what’s driving the markets.” 


Trump will leave on Nov. 3 for a 12-day Asia trip, during which he will visit China, Vietnam, Japan, the Philippines and South Korea.

Trump’s latest remarks and planned visit come amid escalating tensions between Washington and Pyongyang.

In recent months, Trump has revved up his rhetoric against North Korea and leader Kim Jong Un, whom he’s dubbed “Little Rocket Man.”

During his first address to the United Nations General Assembly last month, Trump threatened to “totally destroy North Korea” if it continues to threaten the U.S. and its allies.

The high-stakes war of words comes after North Korea conducted a series of missile and nuclear tests to show off its progress in developing a nuclear missile that is capable of striking the United States.


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