Poll: Majority says NAFTA is good for the US

Poll: Majority says NAFTA is good for the US
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A majority of Americans in a new survey say the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is good for the U.S.

A Pew Research poll finds 56 percent of respondents say the agreement is good for the U.S., slightly more than the 51 percent who said in a May survey that the deal was good for the country.

Thirty-three percent of respondents think the deal is bad for the country, down from 39 percent in the spring survey.


Among Republicans, a majority, 54 percent, say the deal is bad for the country, according to the recent poll.

Only 35 percent of Republicans think NAFTA is good for the country.

Democrats are largely supportive of the agreement, with 72 percent saying it is good for the country, compared to 18 percent who say they think it's bad for the nation.

Slightly less than one-third of respondents, 30 percent, say Mexico benefits more from the agreement than does the U.S. Only 20 percent say Canada benefits more.

But a majority of Republicans, 53 percent, say the agreement benefits Mexico more than the U.S. Just 16 percent of Democrats say it benefits Mexico more than the U.S. 

The poll was conducted from Oct. 25-30 among 1,504 adults.

President Trump has repeatedly railed against NAFTA. Last month, he repeated his threat to withdraw from the pact.

He told GOP senators last month that the U.S. may need to start the six-month withdrawal process to reach a better deal with Canada and Mexico.

Several senators last month expressed concerns about the strategy after the meetings.