Law partner says Trump appointee was let go from job after repeatedly missing work

A man appointed to a top position in the White House's drug policy office reportedly has a job history that includes being fired when he failed to show up to work.


The Washington Post reported that, while in college, Taylor Weyeneth worked as a legal assistant at the New York firm O'Dwyer & Bernstien.


Weyeneth - who was a Trump campaign worker before being appointed deputy chief of staff at the Office of National Drug Control Policy - was "discharged" in August 2015, according to the Post.


"We were very disappointed in what happened," partner Brian O'Dwyer told the Post.

He told the newspaper that the firm put in time to train Weyeneth.

But he "just didn't show," O'Dwyer said.

Weyeneth's résumé submitted to the government initially said he had worked at the firm until April 2016, the Post reported. An administration official said the résumé was changed to correct the errors.

A spokesman for the Office of National Drug Control told the Post that Weyeneth was not available for comment.

Weyeneth worked as a paid member of Trump's presidential campaign after he graduated from college in May 2016. He also worked as a volunteer with the transition following President Trump's election.

An administration official told the Post earlier this month that Weyeneth would be returning to the position of White House liaison, noting he had primarily been doing administrative work.

The official told the Post that he had "assumed additional duties and an additional title following staff openings."

Last year, several political appointees assigned to the drug policy office left, resulting in Weyeneth being promoted to deputy chief of staff in July, the Post reported, citing his LinkedIn page.

He will remain in his position as deputy chief of staff as officials search for a replacement, according to the Post.