Prosecutor: Trump tweet on NFL player's death 'ghoulish and inappropriate'

An Indiana prosecutor criticized President Trump for his comments Tuesday after police said the man accused of killing an Indianapolis Colts linebacker in a suspected drunk-driving accident was an undocumented immigrant.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said in a statement that comments politicizing the fatal crash were "ghoulish and inappropriate," The Associated Press reported on Wednesday.

Curry said that his office would "vigorously prosecute" the case, according to the AP.

"We are disheartened that ghoulish and inappropriate public commentary has politicized this tragedy," Curry, a Democrat, said.

"Much of such commentary, including tweets by the president, fails to acknowledge that both Edwin Jackson and Jeffrey Monroe lost their lives on Sunday. We will simply seek justice on behalf of the families of those two victims."

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson was killed on Sunday when a Ford-150 struck him and another man on the side of a highway in Indianapolis.

Indiana State Police identified the suspect as Manuel Orrego-Savala, a Guatemalan citizen who is in the U.S. illegally.

Orrego-Savala had previously been deported twice from the U.S. 

Trump on Tuesday tweeted that it was "disgraceful that a person illegally in our country killed @Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson."

"This is just one of many such preventable tragedies. We must get the Dems to get tough on the Border, and with illegal immigration, FAST!" Trump tweeted.

Curry filed felony charges Wednesday against Orrego-Savala. He is being charged with two counts of causing death while driving intoxicated and of leaving the scene of an accident, according to the AP.