WH's Sanders: Trump has no plans to fire Sessions 'that I know of'

“Not that I know of,” Sanders said when asked if Trump plans to get rid of Sessions. 
The spokeswoman did not give the embattled attorney general the White House's vote of confidence. 
"The president has made his frustration very clear, and I don't have anything to add about that," Sanders said. 
The comments lay bare the long-simmering animus between Trump and Sessions, which reached a boil in recent days. 
Trump blasted Sessions as "disgraceful" on Wednesday for opening an inspector general probe into the president's allegations that members of his campaign team were illegally surveilled by members of the Obama administration. 
The president took to Twitter to call on Sessions to investigate the matter using Justice Department lawyers with "prosecutorial power." He pointed out that the Justice Department's internal watchdog was confirmed under President Obama, suggesting bias.
Sessions fired back with a sharply worded statement defending his decision.
“I will continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor, and this Department will continue to do its work in a fair and impartial manner according to the law and constitution," he said.
Trump and Sessions attended a summit on combating opioid addiction Thursday, appearing together for the first time since tensions flared. 
The president told the audience he had "spoken to Jeff" about bringing lawsuits against opioid drug manufacturers, but made no mention of their personal relationship.
Sanders said she was not aware if Trump and Sessions spoke privately while the attorney general was at the White House.