Madeleine Albright sounds off on Trump: He acts like he's 'above the law'

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on Wednesday doubled down on her recent attacks against President Trump, saying he acts as "though he's above the law."

Albright told Fox News's Dana Perino that she is bothered by the president's "lack of respect for the democratic institutions" as he reportedly weighs firing special counsel Robert Mueller or possibly senior officials at the Justice Department amid his ongoing frustration with the probes into Russia's election meddling.

She called Trump the "least democratic president that she can remember" and said she was also concerned about his attacks on the media.

"I am a great believer in freedom of the press. I think it's very important. I think it's exceptionally important for there to be discussions, civil, good discussions," Albright said. "We may not all agree. It's not the enemy of the people."

This is not the first time Albright has gone after the president in recent days.

Last week, she wrote an op-ed in The New York Times where she warned about the resurgence of fascism and criticized Trump for backing the U.S. away from its leadership role on the global stage.

"If freedom is to prevail over the many challenges to it, American leadership is urgently required. This was among the indelible lessons of the 20th century," Albright wrote. "But by what he has said, done and failed to do, Mr. Trump has steadily diminished America's positive clout in global councils."

On Wednesday, Albright also criticized Trump's tweets from earlier in the day where he threatened to launch missiles at Syria despite Russian threats that they would be shot down.

"I have not liked foreign policy by tweets, especially the tone of the last one," she said. "It's troubling to me because I do think that what is essential is to deal with an issue from the perspective of the politics that can't be resolved unless there's a political settlement of some kind and some way of abiding by the chemical weapons convention which we are all signatories of."

Albright released her book "Fascism: A Warning" on Tuesday.

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