Fox News poll: Majority think Mueller will find Trump committed criminal or impeachable offenses

A Fox News poll released Wednesday reported that a majority of Americans believe that special counsel Robert Mueller will find that President Trump committed criminal or impeachable offenses.

Fifty-six of respondents in the poll said they believed Mueller’s probe will find that Trump committed the offenses. And 67 percent say they believe it’s at least somewhat important that Mueller’s investigation continues.

However, 71 percent said they think that Trump will fire Mueller before the probe is over.

Democrats polled were far more likely than Republicans to predict Mueller would find Trump committed such offenses, at 85 to 22 percent. But a majority of both Democrats and Republicans expected Mueller to be fired, at 82 percent of Democrats to 61 percent of Republicans.


Sixty-four percent of respondents in the poll overall also said they believe Mueller is treating the White House fairly.

The latest poll results come amid ongoing speculation that Trump could fire Mueller.

Trump has pushed back against reports that he’s considering dismissing Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein after the FBI raid on Trump’s personal attorney’s office. Mueller gave a partial referral for the raid and Rosenstein personally signed off on it.

The White House said earlier this month that Trump believes he has the power to fire Mueller.

Fox News conducted phone interviews with 1,014 registered voters from April 22-24. The poll has a margin of error of 3 percentage points.