Giuliani shows up in Florida to represent woman in insurance fraud case

Giuliani shows up in Florida to represent woman in insurance fraud case
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Rudy Giuliani appeared in a Florida courtroom on Friday to represent a woman in an insurance fraud case, a day after he announced he was leaving his law firm to offer his "sole concentration" to representing President TrumpDonald John TrumpSunday shows preview: Trump sells U.N. reorganizing and Kavanaugh allegations dominate Ex-Trump staffer out at CNN amid “false and defamatory accusations” Democrats opposed to Pelosi lack challenger to topple her MORECNN reported.

Giuliani appeared in a Broward County courtroom defending a woman who was in a car crash in 2016 who was accused of fraudulently purchasing car insurance just minutes after the accident and then providing false and misleading information to the insurance company, CNN reported.


The lead defendant for the woman, Steve Rossi, told CNN that he had never worked with Giuliani before and that the former New York City mayor was involved in the case because he knew the woman and family.

"I consider it an honor to have a historical and political icon assisting me on this case," Rossi told CNN. "He is here to help me out and offer his assistance, and I more than graciously accepted it."

Rossi noted that Giuliani did not mention that he was Trump’s lawyer in court.

Giuliani is not licensed to practice law in Florida but, according to court documents analyzed by CNN, he requested to work the case two weeks after it was announced he would join Trump’s legal team.

In his request, he used the Manhattan address of the law firm he recently announced he is leaving. He was granted permission to work the case on May 8.

Giuliani told CNN on Friday that this case was not related to his work with the president and that he “did it as a favor.”