Trump: What you’re seeing in the news ‘is not what’s happening’

President Trump said Tuesday that what people are seeing and reading in the media about America’s economy is “not what’s happening.”

“This country is doing better than it’s ever done before, economically,” Trump said at the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention in Kansas City, Mo. “But it’s all working out. Just remember: What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.”

Trump also added in his speech that voters should “just stick with us.”

{mosads}”Don’t believe the crap you see from these people, the fake news,” Trump said, repeating a favored attack of his while pointing to where members of the press were gathered. 

Among other economic matters he discussed in Missouri, Trump claimed that farmers would be the “biggest beneficiary” of his escalating trade disputes. 

The statement came mere hours after it was reported that the Trump administration will provide about $12 billion in financial aid to farmers negatively affected by his tariffs.

But Trump asserted on Tuesday that the U.S. will continue to negotiate for more fair trade deals, instead of what he called “stupid” ones. He also defended his strategies, saying the European Union is a “big abuser” when it comes to issuing tariffs. 

He also lamented China’s practices in regards to trade. 

The U.S. and China are currently engaged in a tense back-and-forth on Trump’s protectionist policies. Earlier this month, Trump announced a planned additional $200 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods.

In addition to China, Trump has drawn scrutiny for his actions from top U.S. allies. He ordered steep steel and aluminum tariffs in May in response to what he said was national security concerns. 

Trade partners have vowed to respond to these efforts from Trump, with Canada announcing retaliatory tariffs that targeted U.S. exports earlier this month. 

Trump frequently attacks the media for their reporting. His jab on Tuesday came just a day after he tweeted, “When you hear the Fake News talking negatively about my meeting with President Putin, and all that I gave up, remember, I gave up NOTHING.”

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