Poll: Trump disliked as strongly as Nixon before his resignation

A new poll has found that President Trump is as strongly disliked by the American public as former President Nixon was shortly before he resigned from office.

A new Marist College poll found that 45 percent rated Trump's job performance as poor - the same percentage who said Nixon was doing poorly as president in a Harris poll, CNN reported Saturday.

Twenty percent rated Trump's job performance as excellent and another 20 percent said Trump was doing a "pretty good" job. Less than half of Republican respondents - 49 percent - said Trump was doing an excellent job, compared to 2 percent of Democrats surveyed.

Nixon resigned from office 44 years ago this week following the Watergate controversy. According to the 1974 Harris poll, the majority of Americans - 56 percent - wanted him impeached and removed from office, CNN noted.

Veteran reporter Carl Bernstein, who helped expose Nixon and his role in Watergate with fellow Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward, said last week that "what we are watching in the Trump presidency is worse than Watergate."

Bernstein criticized Republicans for not holding Trump accountable, saying the current party differs from the Republican "heroes" with Nixon who "demanded that he be transparent."

Woodward is working on a Trump administration exposé, which is expected to be released next month. "Fear: Trump in the White House" hits shelves on Sept. 11 - just weeks before the midterm elections. 

The Marist Poll was conducted July 19-22 and has a margin of error of +/- 3.6 percentage points.