DOJ official: Evidence, not Trump tweets, led to Comcast probe

DOJ official: Evidence, not Trump tweets, led to Comcast probe
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The Department of Justice's assistant attorney general for antitrust, Makan Delhrahim, said Tuesday that evidence drove the DOJ's antitrust probe of Comcast, not outside political pressure.

"As far as what we do in our enforcement — we need the evidence, we need the economics, [before] we go to court," said Delrahim, when asked during an appearance on CNBC about the president's personal criticism of companies including Comcast and Amazon.


"Politics that goes on between various aspects of the government don’t affect our decisions to make these cases."

The DOJ is in the midst of an investigation into Comcast on behalf of a group representing small cable providers.

Trump tweeted out his support for the probe Monday.

Makan said that the antitrust division has been "vigilant" in watching Comcast's behavior since the consent decree governing its purchase with NBC Universal expired.

He added that there is "bipartisan" concern about Amazon's market clout.

Makan told reporters he was happy that the issues were becoming a greater part of the national discourse.

“I think it’s great that we have such a debate about free markets. And the antitrust laws [are] there to protect the free markets,” Makan said.