US negotiating 'potential resolution' in case against accused Russian agent

US negotiating 'potential resolution' in case against accused Russian agent
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Maria Butina, the guns-rights activist and alleged Russian agent, is negotiating a potential resolution to her criminal case, federal prosecutors and her lawyers announced Friday.

In a joint filing, prosecutors and Butina’s attorneys asked the court in Washington, D.C., to push back a status conference in the case set for Dec. 6 by two weeks in order to continue negotiating.

“In support of this motion, the parties state that they continue to engage, as they did prior to yesterday’s defense filing, in negotiations regarding a potential resolution of this matter and that those negotiations would be potentially hindered by simultaneously engaging in motions practice,” the filing states.


The filing did not provide further information on how the case might be resolved.

U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan granted the request and pushed the status conference in the case back to Dec. 19.

Butina was indicted in July on charges of acting as an agent of the Russian Federation to infiltrate organizations active in American politics, including the National Rifle Association, and to exploit personal connections with Americans in an effort to advance Russian interests.