Melania Trump’s spokesperson rips CNN contributor’s ‘unnecessary attack’ on first lady

Melania TrumpMelania TrumpGOP leader's remarks on Fox underscore Trump's power White House orders release of Trump records to Jan. 6 committee Ex-Trump aide sues Grisham over abuse allegations MORE's spokeswoman is lashing out at the media for what she deems unfair coverage of the first lady after a CNN contributor penned an op-ed criticizing Trump for her interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Stephanie Grisham, the first lady's communications director, highlighted an opinion piece by Kate Andersen Brower as one example of what she argues is a lack of focus on Trump's good work as first lady. Brower's column asserted Trump "doesn't understand what it means to be first lady" after she told Hannity the hardest part of her role was the "opportunists" advancing themselves using her family name.

"Of course, absurdity abounds in the media's coverage of our first lady," Grisham wrote in her own CNN piece late Saturday. "Reports focus on the trivial and superficial, rather than the deeper issues facing our country that the she has tirelessly worked to address."


Grisham went on to list numerous examples of Trump's community outreach and efforts to fulfill the traditional role of first lady over the past two years. She cited her visits to Pittsburgh, Las Vegas and Parkland, Fla., to meet with shooting victims, and her stops to meet with military personnel.

The spokeswoman also held up Trump's "Be Best" campaign, which aims to encourage young people to live healthy lives while focusing on issues surrounding social media use and opioid abuse. Grisham noted the campaign has taken Trump to multiple children's hospitals to meet with patients and staff.

"She has and will continue to demonstrate her commitment to helping children and advancing the causes she is passionate about," Grisham wrote. "But there is nothing wrong with staying true to herself along the way. In fact, her strength, individuality and integrity should be celebrated."

The first lady has said on multiple occasions she will continue to carry out her "Be Best" campaign despite criticism from the media and the public. Skeptics of the campaign have noted that her husband regularly uses social media to attack and insult his critics.

Trump has also attracted attention for her fashion choices at times, including when she wore a jacket that read "I really don't care. Do U?" to visit children being held near the border.