Kasich predicts there will not be another shutdown: ‘That’s just not going to happen’

Greg Nash

Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) on Monday predicted there will not be another shutdown, saying, “That’s just not going to happen.” 

Kasich on CNN said President Trump “couldn’t take” and “the people don’t want” a repeat after the recent shutdown, the longest in U.S. history, began harming a host of government services, including airport security. 

Kasich, who recently signed on as a CNN political analyst, said Trump was “posturing” during a Sunday interview in which he said he doubts he would accept an agreement that does not include $5.7 billion in border wall funding.

{mosads}”I think this is a lot of posturing right now,” Kasich said.

A group of 17 lawmakers have been tasked with coming to an agreement on border security in order to avoid another government shutdown by Feb. 15.

“You’ve got these members of Congress who are going to try to work something out,” Kasich said. “I think they will try. The question is, are there people in that room who are willing to make some compromises?”

“We’re not going to shut the government down again, that’s just not going to happen,” he continued. “The president couldn’t take that, the people don’t want it. So if he doesn’t get any agreement here, he’ll probably declare some kind of national emergency, it’ll go to the courts, it’ll be fought there, and then that’ll kind of be the end of it.”

Kasich predicted that the agreement will end with “something along the lines of a smart wall.”

“Democrats know the border needs to be protected,” Kasich said. “Everybody needs that. The question is how.” 

He said the previous government shutdown, which ended after 35 days last week, was a “really crazy situation” that ended because it began “to affect lots of people.” 

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