White House interns forced to sign non-disclosure agreements: report

The Trump White House is reportedly requiring interns to sign non-disclosure agreements during their  orientation sessions.

The Daily Beast reported Thursday that the White House had new interns sign the agreements earlier this year and warned that they would face legal consequences if they breached them.


The requirement was a standard aspect of the intern orientation process at the Trump White House, according to the news outlet.

The White House did not provide comment to the Daily Beast for the story. The Hill has also requested comment from the White House.

The White House has previously faced criticism for forcing staff to sign non-disclosure agreements, something that critics have argued is unconstitutional.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway last August acknowledged the practice.

"We have confidentiality agreements in the West Wing, absolutely we do," Conway said at the time. "And why wouldn’t we?"

The Trump campaign has also required its employees, volunteers and contractors to sign non-disclosure agreements. One ex-campaign staffer recently filed a class action claim that seeks to invalidate those agreements.