White House agency credits 'super heroes' on list of interns

The White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) on Tuesday called its interns "super heroes," after the office released a report that included some fictional names in a list of interns.

The CEA on Tuesday released its annual Economic Report of the President. On a page in the report listing the council's staff, the CEA had a section labeled "interns" that included both the names of real interns and names of fictional characters. For example, the report listed Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne, the alter egos of Spider-Man and Batman, respectively.

"Student interns provide invaluable help with research projects, day-to-day operations, and fact-checking," the report stated.

The CEA tweeted praise for its interns and said it "knew it'd take a little more to get them the attention they deserve."

The agency also denied that the list of names, which also included apparent references to "Captain America" and "Game of Thrones," was a "mistake."

The CEA argued in its economic report that President Trump's 2017 tax-cut law and his rollbacks of regulations have boosted the economy.