Kellyanne Conway says Trump attacks her husband because president 'is protective of me'

White House counselor Kellyanne ConwayKellyanne Elizabeth ConwayTrump hurls insults at Harris, Ocasio-Cortez and other women Trump and allies grapple with how to target Harris Conway: Harris is going to have to answer for marijuana prosecutions in California MORE said Thursday that it's unlike her husband to so publicly ridicule President TrumpDonald John TrumpUSPS warns Pennsylvania mail-in ballots may not be delivered in time to be counted Michael Cohen book accuses Trump of corruption, fraud Trump requests mail-in ballot for Florida congressional primary MORE and that she believes the president is looking out for her in attacking her spouse as a "loser and a "whack job."

Conway largely defended Trump's escalating attacks on her husband, George Conway, when she discussed the feud between her husband and her boss at length during an interview with Fox Business Network's Maria Bartiromo.

"He’s protective of me and that’s what people really should take from this," Kellyanne Conway said. "I’m not being asked to choose between my marriage and my job. The president has never made me feel that way."


She added that her husband would "certainly" prefer she stop working in the Trump administration and called it "unusual" for George Conway to take such a public stand against the president.

"It’s unusual for George, who people know as a very private person, who really hasn’t weighed in on many different matters over the years," she said.

George Conway, who has garnered a large following on Twitter for his constant critiques of the president, has questioned the president's mental fitness in recent weeks.

The president hit back on Tuesday by calling Conway a "total loser," and ramped up the spat on Wednesday, labeling him a "husband from hell" and a "whack job."

Conway, who withdrew from consideration in 2017 for a job at the Department of Justice, has in turn used those attacks to suggest Trump is proving his point about his mental state.

The Conways have remained publicly civil despite their disagreements regarding the president. On Monday, Kellyanne Conway said that she doesn't share her husband's concerns about Trump's mental fitness, adding in an interview Wednesday that her husband is not a psychiatrist.

Kellyanne Conway told Fox Business Network on Thursday that she's generally avoided publicly discussing the break in political opinions between her and her husband in an effort to protect their four children. 

She went on to chide the media for "getting into a very dangerous area in discussing people’s marriages."

"Until this week this was my private life, not my professional life," she said.