Trump blasts liberal elites: 'I'm smarter than they are'

President TrumpDonald John TrumpOklahoma City Thunder players kneel during anthem despite threat from GOP state lawmaker Microsoft moving forward with talks to buy TikTok after conversation with Trump Controversial Trump nominee placed in senior role after nomination hearing canceled MORE blasted liberal "elites" at his campaign rally in Michigan on Thursday, praising his supporters and himself as the real elite.

“I’m smarter than they are, I went to better schools than they did, I have better apartments than they have, I’m better educated all around," Trump said talking of liberal elites. "I have a much more beautiful house, much more beautiful anything. And I'm president and they're not." 

"I get a kick, I hear: 'So and so, the elite.' Then you see this guy, like, this little schlepper. 'This is elite? I'm not elite?' " Trump continued. "We're the elite. You're smarter. You're sharper. You're more loyal."

The rally was Trump's first since special counsel Robert Mueller concluded his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. He included a number of jabs at Democrats, the liberal elite and those who alleged collusion with Russia.

Last year, Trump made similar comments at a campaign rally

“We got more money, we got more brains, we got better houses and apartments, we got nicer boats, we’re smarter than they are and they say they’re the elite,” the president said. “You’re the elite, we’re the elite.”

Trump said his supporters should be called the "super elite."