Longtime company official says Trump lied about narrowly avoiding deadly helicopter crash

A former Trump Organization official said in a new interview that President Trump lied about almost being on a helicopter that crashed in 1998, killing three company employees. 

Barbara Res, who was the Trump Organization’s vice president in charge of construction, told MSNBC’s Ari Melber Tuesday night that Trump fabricated the story to make himself a part of the tragedy. 

Res recalled that three top casino executives got on a helicopter to fly back to Atlantic City, N.J., after a press conference in New York. The helicopter crashed and they all died, she added. 


“And it was a horror, I mean it was a horror for everybody,” Res said, according to a clip shared by HuffPost.

Not long after, Trump started telling stories that he was almost on the helicopter and was “pulled off” last minute, Res said. 

“Total, total lie,” she said, of Trump’s claims. 

At the time, news outlets reported that “sources said Trump himself was scheduled to be on the flight but decided at the last minute he was too busy to leave New York,” according to clips shared by HuffPost

BuzzFeed debunked Trump’s claim about almost being on the fatal crash in 2015. 

“Making news, making himself a part of the story, a very important story, and undermining the fact that three people died,” Res said. 

It’s similar to how Trump “undermined what happened at 9/11 by exploiting it,” she added. 

At a recent press conference announcing Trump signing a bill to fund costs for 9/11 first responders, the president remarked that he was at the scene, noting that he was not considering himself a first responder. 

“How would anyone ever consider him a first responder? It’s a stupid statement,” Res said.  

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.